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Please Schedule your Attic and Gutter Line at Roof INSPECTION for Wildlife - Scroll down below to see the complex process involved with this service

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Attic Inspection
(Accessible Areas / Visual Access Only)

1.  Suit up and climb through access panel
2.  Look for different types of rodent and squirrel droppings, trampled insulation, stains
3.  Look for any piled up insulation used for nesting by soffit and gable areas
4.  Look for contaminated (urine stained) nesting spots on insulation
5.  Identify burrow holes in insulation indicating rodent and flying squirrel nesting spots
6.  Look for Bird Nesting Material and Feathers
7.  Look for any Missing Insulation
8. Check Vent Gables and Screens for Damage
9.  Check Attic Fan Screening to see possible entry Points
10. Check Ridge Vent Caps and if any damaged screening
11. Check Gaps on top of Wall below Gable Areas
12. Listen for any Rodent or Animal Scurrying and Chatter
13.  Check if any Flexible Ducts are damaged, separated or chewed through
14.  For Townhomes, check for gaps and holes in the Adjacent Firewall Separating Units
15. Check if any holes are visible in the framework joints
16. Check for possible big brown or small brown bat Activity
17. Look for any acorns or seeds brought in by rodents or squirrels
18. Locate any Live or Dead Rodents or Squirrels inside Attic.

"Your Attic and Crawl Space area are considered Bio-Hazard Environments due 
to the breeding of Pathogens and Viruses which are airborne when disturb by
physical movement or even airflow from the vents such as the Dangerous and Deadly Hantivirus, Noro Virus, Zika Virus, Histoplasmosis, Rabies, 
2000 Strains of Samonella (3 deadly strains are food-borne)
These areas will expose you to Lyme disease Deer Ticks, Mites, Maggots, Flies, Mosquitoes, countless allergens"   All brought in by Birds, Bats, Rodents, and Wildlife

Gutter and Roofline Inspection
(Accessible Areas Using a Standard Ladder / Visual Access Only
Any roofing bracket and vertical ladder - harness climbing work is performed during paid trapping and repair services only)

1.  First Inspect Perimeter From the Ground to Identify any obvious damage or holes.
2.  Look for Trees, Powerlines, Brick Veneer that Squirrels can use to access Attic areas.
3.  Secure Ladder and inspect the Gutter Line Perimeter
4.  Check the Facia Boards and Identify any gaps into the Attic Soffit area.
5.  Check for Missing Soffit Pieces, Gaps in the Soffit and check to see if secure
6​.  Look for Damage to the Shingles and Roofing.
7.  Look for any gaps in the Eaves and End Pieces of the Soffit Runway
8.  Check Vent Gables for Damage
9.  Look for any Bird Nesting material visible
10. Check Ridge Vent Caps and if any damaged screening
11. Look fro Scratch marks on the Siding and Gutters made by climbing squirrels
12. Listen for any Rodent or Animal Scurrying and Chatter
13. Check for Loose or missing Flashing on Chimney or Vent Pipes
14.  For Townhomes, check for gaps and holes in the adjacent eaves separating units
15.  Check if any Holes are visible on the outside and inside corners above gutter line
16.  Check chimney cap at flue and chimney areas
17.  Look for Broken Bath and Exhaust Vent Covers
18. Identify any Urine Staining on the Exterior of the Soffit

Payment Method Due at Time of Inspection
Squirrel Inspection
Mice Inspection
Bat Inspection
Bird Inspection
Raccoon Inspection
Mystery Noise
Attic OnlyRoof and Attic
Attic $89Roof and Attic $175
Credit CardCheckCash